The Strings Util

Python SDK, Javascript SDK

Provide a number of functions to manipulate strings. The Python and Javascript SDKs provide different functions.

The following common functions are provided:

  • truncate(string, max_len=50): truncate a long string
  • format_log_line(severity, module, text): format a log line for printing


  • hex2string(hex): convert a hex string into a ascii string


  • capitalizeFirst(string): capitalize the first letter
  • replaceAll(search, replacement): replace all instances of search in replacement
  • get_exception(e): return stack trace exception
  • topic_matches_sub(pattern, topic): javascript implementation of topic_matches_sub
  • format_multiline(string, length): format a multiline string by enforcing a maximum length
  • escape_html(string): escape html special characters in a string