Welcome, eGeoffrey developer!

This website is intended to provide useful information regarding eGeoffrey to developers or users willing to understand a bit more regarding the software architecture and internals as well as looking for guidelines on how to contribute to extend eGeoffrey and make it better.

If you are not a developer and instead looking for the User Manual and the Getting Started guide, please visit https://docs.egeoffrey.com.


This portal is organized in the following sections:

  • Learn - understand more about eGeoffrey's design principles, its architecture and the main components
  • Develop & Build - extend eGeoffrey's or contribute with a custom module. Learn how to develop your code, create a portable eGeoffrey package and make it available to other eGeoffrey users by publishing it on our Marketplace
  • SDK - classes and utilities made available by the eGeoffrey SDK and API
  • Tools - eGeoffrey toolset for simplifying development and building operations

Not enough?

Do you still need additional information or help? Visit the Development section on our Forum!