Configure the Environment

User-generated code is not run directly. The eGeoffrey SDK, instead, takes care through a bootstrap process to accomplishes common setup functionalities before running it.

The SDK and eventually any user-created eGeoffrey code is configured through environment variables instructing which module the package provides, where the eGeoffrey gateway is located and so on.

Specifically, the following are the variables the SDK consumes during the bootstrap process:

  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_HOSTNAME: the hostname or ip address of the gateway (default to egeoffrey-gateway)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_PORT: the port of the gateway (default to 443)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_TRANSPORT: the transport protocol for connecting to the gateway (default to websockets)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_SSL: if the gateway supports SSL (default to 0)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_VERSION: the gateway protocol version to use (default to 1)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_CA_CERT: if SSL is enabled, the path of the Certification Authority certificate (default to /etc/ssl/certs)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_CERTFILE: if the gateway enforce client certificate authentication, the path of the client certificate
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_KEYFILE: if the gateway enforce client certificate authentication, the path of the certificate keyfile
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_QOS_SUBSCRIBE: the QoS to use when subscribing a topic on the gateway (default to 2)
  • EGEOFFREY_GATEWAY_QOS_PUBLISH: the QoS to use when publishing a message to the gateway (default to 2)
  • EGEOFFREY_ID: your house identifier (default to house)
  • EGEOFFREY_PASSCODE: your house passcode (default empty)
  • EGEOFFREY_MODULES comma separated list of the modules to run in the format <scope_name>/<module_name> (e.g. controller/logger, controller/config)
  • EGEOFFREY_DEBUG: enable debug (default 0)
  • EGEOFFREY_VERBOSE: enable verbose debug (default 0)
  • EGEOFFREY_LOGGING_LOCAL: print out log message to standard output (default 1)
  • EGEOFFREY_LOGGING_REMOTE: send any log message through the message bus to controller/logger for central logging (default 1)
  • EGEOFFREY_PERSISTENT_CLIENT: enable mqtt persistent connection

These can be set manually by running the operating system command:


Or, when running in a containerized environment, by passing them through the Docker .env o docker-compose.yml files.