eGeoffrey SDK

To avoid re-inventing the wheel every time, most of the common functionalities needed to make a module running have been integrated into the eGeoffrey SDK.

Every eGeoffrey module has to be based on the SDK; eGeoffrey core components including the controller, the GUI, etc. are all based upon the same principle.

eGeoffrey SDK is providing both a set of reusable functions for developing your eGeoffrey code AND a pre-configured runtime environment for easily build and publish your custom packages.

Programming Languages

The ambitious of eGeoffrey is to be multi-language whenever possible. For this reason the communication takes place through a language-agnostic message bus and common capabilities can be delivered through language-specific SDKs. A the time of writing the following languages are supported:

  • Python: used by all the modules
  • Javascript: used by the web interface

Supported CPU Architectures

The runtime environment of eGeoffrey SDK is available for both amd64 and arm32v6 CPU architectures so to allow developers to build their packages and provide the same functionalities for traditional computer/server (usually amd64) and IoT devices like a Raspberry Pi (arm32v6).