in eGeoffrey, there isn't a global version number. Each package has its own versioning which evolves independently from the others and from eGeoffrey's core components.

Each package (including the SDK), is characterized by the following information related to its version, all contained within the manifest file:

  • branch: the branch where the code belongs to
  • version: the version of the package (e.g. 1.0, master, etc.)
  • revision: the revision number (e.g. 22)

The information in branch has to match the git branch where the code base resides. Developers are free to use whatever name they want to name their branches.

The Branch

The git branch is used as a channel for updates. When you install a package, egeoffre-cli automatically install the latest version associated to the master branch but user can point out any branch with e.g. egeoffrey-cli install package:branch. Once selected this can only be changed manually by modifying the docker-compose.yml file.

In this way the user will consistently receive always the latest version of the branch they have chosen. For example developers can allow users to select between a stable and development branch and they will receive updates only for the selected channel.

It is highly recommended to have a master branch with the latest stable version so to allow the Marketplace app to interact with your package smoothly.

During the build phase, the Docker image will be named according to the branch name (e.g. egeoffrey-gui:master-amd64).

Developers can switch to a new branch by running egeoffre-cli new_branch <branch_name> (e.g. egeoffre-cli new_branch development). The utility automatically updates the manifest file with the new branch name and checkout into it.

The Version Number

The version is a number which the developer increases when a new minor or major version is released. It has no dependency with the other eGeoffrey components so is up to developer how to play with major and minor versions. For every version there must always be a git tag associated to the latest commit so to allow keeping track of the snapshot of the code for that particular version. When committing with egeoffre-cli, this is done automatically.

The same apply when building the Docker image, an additional tag with the version number has to be pushed in addition to the one with the branch (e.g. egeoffrey-gui:1.0-amd64). When building with egeoffre-cli, this is done automatically. In this way, in addition to the latest stable version (always mapped to the master branch), for each version at least an image will be kept allowing to revert to a previous version if needed.

Developers can switch to a new version by running egeoffre-cli new_version <version> (e.g. egeoffre-cli new_version 1.1). The utility automatically updates the manifest file with the new version.

The Revision Number

The revision number has to be incremented by the developer at EVERY new commit (when committing with egeoffre-cli, this is done automatically). This allows understanding if running the latest version. During the build phase the revision number does not play a role: since an increment here is considered a minor change, there would be no need to revert to a previous revision number.